Flirting in Bournemouth

Photo 18-04-2015 10 24 24

Yesterday we needed to kill some time and we went for a little mooch to one of my favourite cafes in Bournemouth, Flirt. It’s on Bournemouth Triangle and you can’t really miss it – it’s the one with the sequined blue sign, fluttering in the breeze, that says Flirt.

It’s a favourite because they’re dog friendly and I got a dog treat to boot!  If you’re lucky, Flirter Pamela, aka resident pooch, may be there to say hello too.

Now, I like to lie on a rug, otherwise I get a cold bot bot, and although much of the floor is tiles, or vinyl or something similar, the sofa area at the back has a rug and I was quite happy to sit and watch the world go by for at least 2 minutes.  I then had to stand and stare and wag my tail at everyone who was having their breakfast.  Food must have been good ’cause on the whole they ignored me, and that’s really quite difficult as I have quite a persistent stare.

Anyway, the dog biscuit hit the spot.  The coffee was good and the toffee cake yummy – that’s what She said anyway.  ’nuff said.

Find out more about Flirt at:


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